Level Lagos Restaurant, Herel Play, Lagos , Nigeria

The concept behind project Herel Play was to integrate modern aesthetics with the serene functionality of its compound by creating a space where fine dining and lounging can be done pari-passu other activities which take place in the environment.

With the inviting ambience as one walks in, are placed versatile seating arrangements that are carefully curated to aid everyone and anyone pick their desired spot as they come in.  From the well crafted counter stools stationed at the bar, to the three aisle seating arrangements, the dining setting facing the outdoor view as well the comfortable semi-circular seating booth for larger groups, these were chosen peculiarly to the intent of the restobar. 

Amongst the many beautiful decor pieces lies the plants and flowers placed at corners of the room as well as the wall, to give the colour pop in the midst of neutral colours.

Utilising a blend of high-quality materials and contemporary design trends, DHK Designs curated a space that reflects the upscale nature of its location. In navigating the challenges of a tight schedule, our team has embraced pre-fabricated solutions for certain components, facilitating quicker installation without sacrificing the integrity of the design. Constant communication and decision-making have been integral to the success of the project, ensuring that every aspect align with the vision for Herel for Level.

As we worked with a timeframe, that best meets the client, settling low on quality was not considered. Also we  leveraged on current relationships with other professionals in the field, we’ve optimised the construction workflow, collaborated closely with contractors, and strategically sourced materials and components to ensure timely delivery.

DHK Designs takes pride in delivering a restobar that not only meets the expectations of the client but also stands as a testament to the Palette, even with the constraints of a demanding timeline.

Rooom XIX – The Gold Store, Lagos, Nigeria

The Gold Store – Room XIX is a sophisticated piece of interior design with the gold statement, blending with lights that illuminate every component in the making.

In our attempt to disrupt the design norm of the fashion industry, working closely with our clients Room XIX , we partnered with sketchlab to execute this design masterpiece in order to give the end users a perfect integration of luxury, arts and culture.

Our intention, is a luxurious space with a perfect blend of minimalism, achieving balance and rhythm in our composition, where each component is meticulously crafted and designed purposefully to give the users an exciting shopping experience, from the golden shiny metals to the crystal clear glass

At Room XIX, the standard of tastefulness is set to achieve an attribute of being unusually effective and simple.

The design adopts a balance of minimalist yet ornamented pieces that reflect its richness and simplicity likewis

We want our users to encounter pure metallic lustre so closely that the experience makes a remarkable difference

In order to use color effectively, it is necessary to recognize that color deceives continually – Joseph Alber

The quality of design and work put into crafting each hanger to taste is a perfect interpretation of our aim to make each piece a strong statement

“The goal is to always make a statement”

In this masterpiece, we were able to define light and shade with a clear cut of smooth transition.

An expression of a bond; to create both an experience of the light and the bold golden lush

The details are not the details. They make the design – Charles Eames

The distinguishing character created by the murals transform the spaces in stylish and creative ways. It is in the experience of the art, we are able to tell a story of form, color and shapes defining our idea of a perfect blend of beauty and elegance

Medplus Flagship Store, Lagos, Nigeria

Our goal was to create a unique store that would sell the story of the brand and serve as a flagship for future stores. The design concept was strategically to take key elements of the MEDPLUS brand, integrate elements of biophilia to create a standout Pharmacy design that emphasises their status as the leading line in the industry.

The role of colours on the psychological wellbeing of an individual can not be overemphasised. Playful use of the brand colours are introduced to create visually appealing space as opposed to the conventional store accustomed to the brand. These colours are repeated on the various components of the store to continually communicate and celebrate the brands identity. The combination of these colours and the greenery that ushers you into the space creates a welcoming, calm ambiance to incoming customers.

Integration of green in areas in the form of natural moss wall as the counter area backdrop as well as suspended artificial greenery in the middle of the pharmacy ceiling biophilia enabling customers connect conveniently with nature. The shelves are carefully crafted and sculpted to take the shape of a conventional capsule, a form that is very much familiar in the pharmacy world.

Prissy Micheals Fashion Store, Lagos, Nigeria

Welcome to Prissy Michael’s Collection new store, where the oasis of fashion has been crafted with luxury and style. As requested by the client, DHK Designs created a space where exploring fashion trends in the store comes with ease and comfort while keeping you visiting as often as unexpected.

Further into the compound is a lounging area accompanied by an umbrella tent, with wooden chairs that has mint green cushions and backrest pillows that blends well with the green scenery of plants around it.

Further into the compound is a lounging area accompanied by an umbrella tent, with wooden chairs that has mint green cushions and backrest pillows that blends well with the green scenery of plants around it.

Stepping into the building presents the realm of a gold coloured theme that gives warmth and luxury, from the bright yellow-gold painted walls, to the chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, the warm lighting that is installed all around the corners as it ignites the beauty of the floors and walls. The beautiful hangers, racks, ornately carved gold-framed mirrors and wooden shelf in the office, all pleated in gold, giving off the richness in quality designs.

Taking a closer peek at the interiors of the building, DHK Designs implemented everything it stands for, by bringing to light, exquisite ornaments to beautify the space, pieces of plants and flowers (to bring nature into the room), quality furniture, well stationed glass shelves (to keep the bags and shades), beautiful walk-in shoes and bags closet that has side stools which one can sit and try them on.

Going up the beautiful stairs with marble tiled floors is the office & work section, where the brainstorming takes place and private team meetings.

Moreover, as the CEO of Prissy Michael’s Collection, we did our very best create a working space that gives her the opportunity to be creative and think freely as well as feeling congenial while at work. Same goes for the co-workers, as we made available sectioned out rooms for relaxation & pep talks; implementing the vision, values and work ethics of the brand was smooth ride for us at DHK Designs.

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