Rooom XIX – The Gold Store, Lagos, Nigeria

Located in Lagos, Nigeria The Gold store- Room XIX is a sophisticated piece of interior design with the gold statement, blending with lights that illuminate every component in the making. In our attempt to disrupt the design norm of the fashion industry, we partnered with sketch lab to execute this design masterpiece alongside our clients, this presented the result that users of the store would admire and harbour a sense of luxury, arts, and culture.

Our intention was to create a luxurious space with a perfect blend of minimalism, achieving balance and rhythm in our composition, where each component is meticulously crafted and designed purposefully to give the users an exciting shopping experience, from the golden shiny metals to the crystal-clear glasses.

At Room XIX, the standard of tastefulness is set to achieve an attribute of being unusually effective and simple.  The design adopts a balance of minimalist yet ornamented pieces that reflect its richness and simplicity likewise.

We want our users to encounter pure metallic lustre so closely that the experience makes a remarkable difference and to also use colour effectively, it is necessary to recognize that colour deceives continually- Joseph Alber.

The quality of design and work put into crafting each hanger to taste is a perfect interpretation of our aim to make each piece a strong statement “The goal is to always make a statement”. And in this masterpiece, we were able to define light and shade with a clear cut of smooth transition as expression of bond; to create both an experience of light and the bold golden lush.

The details are not the details. They make the design- Charles Eames

The distinguishing character created by the murals transforms the space in the stylish and creative ways. Like the unique idea to place the murals above the ceiling and in the changing room adds a personalised touch to the design, despite the patterned form it blends well still with the bright gold. Also, there was the idea of making a mounted glass frame that allows for the owners and designers of each outfit to put out their pieces in form of an art exhibition, making it a very stand out design in the store.

The gold store precisely made its brand colour stand out by using gold plated pieces like the full mounted mirror with a golden frame, the wall paintings depicting gold, the cylindrical stands for shoes and bags to be placed on as well as the curtains in the changing room. The thoughtfulness to go all out gold was put to perfection and Room XIX became what was envisioned. It is in the experience of the art, we can tell a story of form, colour, and shapes, while defining our idea of a perfect blend of beauty and elegance.


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