CANVAS Lounge, Lagos, Nigeria

Where every space is a canvas waiting to be explored, the newly worked on project situated in Lekki, Lagos, is finally ready to be explored.

After a given timeline of four months together with the carefully mapped out design plan, we were able to complete this wonderful renovation into the dreams of the client. From the three-story building of a primary school to a sophisticated fine dining room, private meeting space and cocktail bar, the project CANVAS was created. It is a diverse, vibrant, and eclectic lounge space, and as its name suggests, it transforms the old space (its canvas) into a dynamic hub where creativity, relaxation, and socializing happen.

Welcoming you into the space are the interiors of nature; flowers & plants, to give you that eco-friendly invite as well installed strip lights at the steps that lights up as you approach the door, creating both a beautiful touch to the exterior as well as illuminating your way as you enter. The magic begins once the door is opened, indulging your eyes with everything creative, and it starts off with its name, intentionally crafted in the finest and strongest of wood and boldly mounted on a brick wall to introduce the artistic nature of the space. As you go further, the use of several art pieces was introduced to exhibit well-known creatives and their works.

Using warm and dark hues on this project really gave it the proposed exquisite look, these colours were chosen to highlight the brand’s identity as well as create a warm cozy and inviting ambience for its guests. From the plush brown furniture to the green marble counter tops at the bar section as well as the tables, balanced well with the warm lights that create the nooks and crannies for an ideal relaxing, working, and socializing space.

Each floor on this project has its own unique design that meets the functionality of what it was curated to do. The ground floor being the cocktail bar, has two sections; the area where the bartenders get to make the signature cocktails that has very convenient fixtures like the well-structured and functional compartments, the shelves to showcase variety drinks and more and the bar side sitting area for its guests to fully witness the mixologists in action. You could also see the other section which has the long sofa and dining chairs where guests come in to have a nice meal and laugh over drinks.

The second floor comprises of the private area which includes the dining room and the private meeting/conference rooms. The dining room, is mostly used for celebrations, booked dinners and surprise gatherings, it holds majority of the astonishingly done art pieces on each mapped out section, making the walls look like an art gallery. Our designers on the team did their best to incorporate what a dining setting looks like by using the 20-seater technique and touching it up with a long island table that is finely crafted from a solid mahogany tree and tropical orange roots, giving it that custom touch but in a modern style. And to enhance the purpose of this room, the installation of a built-in kitchen, that is well fitted and done to the likelihood of our client, was created.

Having the private meeting rooms on the same floor gives off the feel of a MANCAVE, with the cozy grey and brown colours used, the office space certainly looks like a meeting room. This space comprises of a wall fitted console that houses the TV as well as shelf for storage at the bottom and the sectioned-out areas on the console where décor pieces are used to add a nice feel to the space. It also has a single wood-like table that is centered around 4 brown comfortable suave armchairs, all blending perfectly to the patterned floor. You can also find in the second meeting room a glass-like storage space, that has been set aside for, membership guests to keep valuable items while on the premises or can be used as a wine cellar. Further up is the top floor that is discreetly for the staff and administrative offices.

From the textured wall colour to the balanced out flooring, and grey hues found in other rooms, the concept of this project embodies the beautiful fusion of modernism and wabi-sabi, with carefully chosen textures that add depth and character to the space. The combination of finely done woodwork and vintage modern looking interiors really outdid its harmony, thanks to the experts on our team and workers on site, the essence of CANVAS lounge was brought to reality.