Level Lagos Restaurant, Herel Play, Lagos , Nigeria

The concept behind project Herel Play was to integrate modern aesthetics with the serene functionality of its compound by creating a space where fine dining and lounging can be done pari-passu other activities which take place in the environment.

With the inviting ambience as one walks in, are placed versatile seating arrangements that are carefully curated to aid everyone and anyone pick their desired spot as they come in.  From the well crafted counter stools stationed at the bar, to the three aisle seating arrangements, the dining setting facing the outdoor view as well the comfortable semi-circular seating booth for larger groups, these were chosen peculiarly to the intent of the restobar. 

Amongst the many beautiful decor pieces lies the plants and flowers placed at corners of the room as well as the wall, to give the colour pop in the midst of neutral colours.

Utilising a blend of high-quality materials and contemporary design trends, DHK Designs curated a space that reflects the upscale nature of its location. In navigating the challenges of a tight schedule, our team has embraced pre-fabricated solutions for certain components, facilitating quicker installation without sacrificing the integrity of the design. Constant communication and decision-making have been integral to the success of the project, ensuring that every aspect align with the vision for Herel for Level.

As we worked with a timeframe, that best meets the client, settling low on quality was not considered. Also we  leveraged on current relationships with other professionals in the field, we’ve optimised the construction workflow, collaborated closely with contractors, and strategically sourced materials and components to ensure timely delivery.

DHK Designs takes pride in delivering a restobar that not only meets the expectations of the client but also stands as a testament to the Palette, even with the constraints of a demanding timeline.


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