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When to hire an interior designer and when to do it yourself

Everyone is allowed to be creative in what they do, wear, how they act and even their personal space and most times all that is required is a DIY of your imagination. When it comes to interior design, the debate between DIY and professional assistance has been ongoing, from the cost effectiveness of having to be creative on your terms to the need for a more professional expertise of an interior designer. But how would you know which journey to embark on when considering a small space or an extensive project? For every advantage in the former and latter there’s a disadvantage and identifying that could be easy or extremely confusing.

Getting your project professionally done would demand the role of T.E.C. It is Time saving, as you would have these designers take charge of the entire process from concept to completion and who wouldn’t want a time efficient job done. To add to that, we have the brains and Expertise of interior designers to back up certain challenges that the normal eyes would not decipher on time, by so doing they provide Customized solutions that help clients create designs suitable for their tailored needs and do that to perfection and all these are because of how professional and intuitive designers are. However, there’s no doubt that hiring a professional designer can be very costly, the amount of you get as a client is less and that makes them compromise and the extreme faith that has been put into the designers are very high, cause by then the client is fully dependent on their expertise.

Moreover, DIY comes to play for many reasons, one being that it is highly cost effective, there is less to spend on materials and labor, the zeal to be creative is a 100% because you get to be free and in complete control over what goes in and out of your design sketchbook, in addition it gives you the privilege to learn on-the-go by developing your skills and gaining self confidence in what you achieved. Nevertheless, just as how you have pros to DIY, you also have cons to DIY, take for instance the amount of time you find yourself spending on a project or the limited knowledge on certain use of materials or patterns to execute your idea and how the room for errors are high thereby leading to a more costly mistake and redesigns.

And to the most important need-to-know, WHEN DO YOU HIRE AN INTERIOR DESIGNER & WHEN TO DIY? Hiring a professional designer ensures a well-polished result, and one requires their attention if the request for complex projects like custom designs, tailored spaces, commercial spaces, large scale renovations or multi room projects are required. A client on his own might not be able to know the right placements of plumbing structures, electrical installations or certain structural changes needed on the project. 

Also, if you are looking to save time with a tight deadline and a stress-free experience, interior designers are the go-to. Regardless of the beliefs that hiring an interior designer can be costly, they still have a bit of an upper hand int terms of being flexible with their budget, the need to help you make wise and informed decisions tends to avoid costly mistakes and saves money in a long run.

Contrary to this and not to rule out that DIY serves its purpose, this is better implemented when you have a smaller space to work with, a redecoration of an already professionally done space, you are on a tight budget or you just enjoy being expressive with your space, then DIY is a great option.

Whether you want to DIY or hire a professional to take charge of your project, the need to lay down the factors that contribute to either of them is essential and these factors include, TIME, EXPERTISE, BUDGET, and SCOPE OF THE PROJECT, by knowing where your strength and weaknesses lie in these factors, the decision would be easier to make.

Remember, just as it is lovely to assess the full potential of your own skills in the practice of DIY, it is very beneficial to consult a professional designer as they could enlighten you with valuable insights and guidance because the end goal remains to create a space that reflects your personality and speaks professionalism.

Keep Being Creative & Enjoy Designing!!!

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