Inspiring Open Concept Office Space In Accra By DHK Designs

In a city known for its vibrant energy and thriving business scene, dhk Designs has designed an open concept office space that inspires creativity and productivity.

dhk Designs, a Lagos-based architectural design firm, began The Inpath Technologies project design journey with a deep exploration of Inpath’s core values, which revolved around cutting-edge innovation and environmental stewardship. To strike a balance between modernity and natural simplicity, DHK Designs embraced the concept of rustic minimalism. The result is a harmonious and eco-friendly workspace that mirrors the brand’s ideals.

Details make all the difference. In the meeting room, a captivating wall panel is the highlight, while square fluorescent lights add a modern touch to the pool office. Unique elements such as the green tufted sofa in the private office and the planter seat in the lobby contribute to the space’s distinctive character.


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