Who says a grey couch, with a forest green throw pillow, and a furry lilac blanket that is balanced out with the beige painting on the wall and ceiling, don’t compliment? Or the classic dining chairs, with a marble top on a gold stand as it’s table, all coming together on the smooth rug…

Texturolor is coined from ‘Texture & Colour’, to give that combined expression on how they both compliment each other perfectly. The mixology that comes with both of these terms in your design space can elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary in the glimpse of an eye.

One of the most intriguing aspects of texturolor in a blank space is the creation of harmonious contrasts, combining rough with smooth, soft with hard, glossy with matte, that adds a certain form of dimension to the space you’re being creative on. Same goes with pairing colours that contrast yet compliment each other, can evoke a feel of drama or balance, depending on ones style.

The saying, “the eyes are the windows to the soul” , where in this sense, the soul is your designed space, while the eyes are the combination of textures and colours.  Once this mixture is created in a room, office, bar, it first feeds the eyes and gives the one who grasps in its beauty; a sense of what the designer behind it was thinking, the visual interest is heightened and prevents one to feel monotonous.

Likewise, a good colour scheme can also give that attention to furniture details or well curated decor pieces. Incorporating plush fabrics, natural wood grains, velvet upholstery, smooth marble surfaces and sleek metals invites touch and builds interaction with the space.

The juxtaposition of variety texturolor embodies a multisensory environment, where designing a cosy bedroom, living room or fun working space, and the precise use of textures and colours sets a tone that transforms it into a serene environment that reflects the aspiration of the designer or the occupants. 

The interesting aspect of all these, is that you do not have to be a designer or interior decorator to know these bits and tricks, because with the right sense of  colour palette and the feel of your choice of antiques, you automatically become an artist of your own space, as long as it resonates with your style.


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