From Drab to Fab!!!

Transforming Outdated Spaces on A Budget

Imagine a world with distractions and excess chaos, simplifying life is like a breath of fresh air and in the era of interior design, the challenge of recovering outdated spaces on an average or tight budget is a common plight. But not to worry, with a sprinkle of creativity and resourcefulness, turning a drab space into a fabulous creation is entirely feasible.

Exploring indigenous strategies and proper tips on how to bring the life into tired looking rooms without breaking the bank is what interior designers do, however before diving into any project, space assessment to envision the proposed outcome is required and by so doing drabness becomes phenomenal. Take for instance you walk into the home of your friend and see outdated furniture, sparse decoration, one colour scheme and poor lighting (both natural and artificial), all that comes to mind is BORING, and that is certainly not eye pleasing.

Often, the process of transforming outdated spaces starts from decluttering, because spaces like that are very much clustered and disorganized, decluttering isn’t necessarily about tidying up, it’s an insightful transformative journey that arrives at clarity and serenity. An example could be your closet space, rather than having a chaotic heap of clothes in a tightened-up wardrobe, go for a more functional wardrobe choice that has multiple compartments where your clothes are properly organised while keeping it fabulously on a budget.

Moreover, embracing the power of Do-It-Yourself makeovers do come in handy, could be to revamp an old furniture with the use of vibrant colours for the table or a trendy textured fabric for the sofa, or experiment with unique finishes like a distressed ombre, however which way, the goal is to get that scabby furniture into a new creation without breaking the bank. Likewise, DIY, upcycling can be very purposeful, by giving old items a fresh look one tends to not only cutting down budget, but also being spontaneously creative and by achieving the 3 Rs in upcycling (Reupholstery, Refinishing & Repainting), materials like pallet wood, old crates or even thrifted vases for plants can be used to add character to the space. 

Budget! Budget!! Budget!!!, the one reason clients get scared to take on transformative projects on their old looking homes and what can be done about that? Try budget friendly décor pieces, you do not have to get the most exquisite items imported from Italy or some out of space art painting just to make your home spell out LUXURY. Why not source smart and go out to thrift stores where they sell nice décor accents like stylish throw pillows, rugs, curtains and art works that injects colour, texture and the personality into the space all for a lesser price.

Another transformative method could be ‘the magic of lighting’, it plays a vital role in good spaces and dramatically alters the mood and cognizance as you walk in, try being experimental by using variety of lighting fixtures like, lamps, pendant lights, string lights or even rope lights which are on a more budget friendly side, to create warmth and pleasing atmosphere. Most importantly, never be selfish with natural light, using sheer curtains or blinds and strategically placing mirrors that can reflect the light is well appreciated as it would create a sense of space.

Nothing beats a scenery in a space than the presence of eco-friendly greenery or nature inspired elements. The introduction of this into a drab space breathes life and with the incorporation of indoor plants, nature themed décor or even wallpaper that has prints of leaves and flowers adds an accessorized touch to the space while infusing freshness and vitality, and guess what, you get not only beauty, but a decoration that purifies the air for well-being.

Lastly, the importance of one’s personal touch shows how far your unique style is and makes your space stand out from many others. Try incorporating something that summarises your personality or sentimental objects that is placed as a constant reminder, items as such could be picture frames of you, family or friends or a fun painting you made with friends that can be hung on the wall. Your touch in the space would make it more special and inviting to you and everyone else.

And so, the journey to transform outdated spaces on a budget should not look unrealistic anymore because it is a rewarding endeavour that allows for spontaneous creativity, resourcefulness and self-expression. Follow these tips in openness of mind and trust the process, because with a little imagination and effort, even you can turn DRAB SPACES to FAB SPACES according to your wallet size.


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