MyFurex Head Office, Lagos, Nigeria

A workspace design for a tech company requires one to incorporate the elements that fosters creativity, collaboration and productivity, that is why the work done at MyFurex by DHK Designs implemented these elements to make working at the company smooth.

Designing the workspace with a flexible layout that creates ease of movement and accommodation for its staff was a priority of the client, from the seating structure of each staff to a desk to the spacious aisle for easy access to other areas of the office.

Standing our ground on investing in high quality furniture and pieces, the team at DHK Designs sourced for ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks, that supports employee comfort and well-being, especially for those spending long hours at their desks. You can also find at some corners of the office, a sofa for one to sit and brainstorm whilst being cozy, a bean bag for a more relaxed time-out off work, a cubic side foam stool that adds a  unique style to the room.

Introducing the elements of nature into the workspace, such as the smaller green plants found on the corners of the work desks and the taller plants at each corridor, to improve air quality and stress reduction. The project requirements to infuse the designs with elements that reflects the company’s brand and culture was greatly put to use; such as the colour scheme, graphics, picture frame that speaks words of technology and the logo displays, to create an inspiring environment.

Making sure to give keen attention to details in the design of MYFUREX HEAD office involved selection of high-quality materials, with thoughtful placement of the furniture and design pieces all to incorporate the values and identity of the company. 


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