Timmy Davies Residence , Abuja , Nigeria

Who says a home is only allowed to be shiny, colourful and bright, when you can have the rich royal touch of a dark atmosphere and still call it a home. After a day’s long work at the office, one deserves to come to home that brings the feel of comfort and relaxation, therefore, DHK Designs fulfilled the purpose of the dreamy atmosphere in the project work done in Abuja.

Working with dark colours can be tricky, especially with a template that doesn’t sit well when put together, however we at DHK had no issues in being spontaneous with darker shades and well thought of patterns.

The ambience of the home as you walk in gives the eerie yet sophisticated look it deserves. With the pun intended shades of grey, black and green, not to forget the textures seen around the house and how well they compliment the look.

Focusing on the living room, dining space and bedroom in particular was where the magic happened. As you walk into the living area (entertainment room), you’d find the layout quite basic yet accentuated in a unique way, with a grey coloured cosy sofa placed in an L-shape manner, along with a single brown vintage leather chair and the petite sized cuboid centre table, all mounted on the well textured smooth rug that pops the colours of the furniture. The television floating console cannot be left out, as it is seen placed against the textured black wall, with a touch of green plants and raffia flowers on the console.

Walking away from the living area brings you straight to the dinning space, where the full length draped black curtains steals the spotlight, with the white blinds to give it layers. This dinning area comprises of a Nordic style of 4 sitting dinning table set and a plant just beside the curtains.

And for the elephant of the project is the intimate bedroom space. From the detailed bed frame to the rug, the lighting beneath the bed and above the bedhead all bring to proportion the reason to stay huddled up in this inviting cosy room.

It is concluded, that even with a dark themed space, the team at DHK Designs made sure to work with natural lighting also peaking its way into the room through the lengthy curtains, as should be.

AIRBNB Desert Home Retreat, Ruwi, Oman

Lujo Residential Development, Lagos, Nigeria

Derived from the Spanish word ‘Lugo’ which means an ‘luxury’ used to describe something utterly genius or something out of the norm. Like its name, Lujo is more than a building, it’s a sophisticated piece of architectural ingenuity and grandeur excellence. Our intention is to build a piece of wonder and amazement, wrapped in love and luxury.


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